Know Your Customer

As part of an ongoing bid to encourage more businesses to comply with the Financial Intelligence Agency, Botswana life Insurance Limited is legally bound to identify its customers before establishing a business relationship in accordance to section 15 and 16 of the Financial Intelligence Act 2019.

It is with this that we have attached the following Botswana Life Insurance Limited Know Your Customer (KYC) as well as Proof of existence forms, for all our customers to fill in and send back to us. Please submit the forms with the requisite documentation as stipulated in the forms:

  1. KYC Forms Individuals
  2. KYC Forms Non-Individuals
  3. KYC Forms Legal Entities

Botswana Life Insurance Limited kindly requests all its customers to fill in whichever form is applicable to them and send it back to this email address or submit it at any of our branches near you. Should you encounter any issues whilst filling out the form or simply need assistance, please send an email to this address , contact our Call Centre on 3623700 or go to the nearest branch.

All our customers are also encouraged to share this form with friends, family and colleagues.

Please be reminded that the purpose of this form is to ensure that the identity of our clients and their source of funds are properly verified in order to achieve compliance with section 15 and 16 of the Financial Intelligence Act 2019. These forms must be completed and submitted as part of our Due Diligence which will be applied to existing clients in conformity with Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Regulations.

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