Key Person Insurance Solution


As a business owner you no doubt value the contributions each of your employees makes to your business. However, there are also key individuals who are critical to the continued success of your venture. Losing such a key individual would impact you on a personal as well as business level.
The risk of losing a key skill to your business could be:

  • A slowdown in turnover. 
  • Decline in profitability and/or sales. 
  • Stricter terms from suppliers.
  • Difficulty in raising finance. 
  • Loss of expertise.
  • Delay in finding and the high cost of hiring a successor. 

How do You Identify A Key Person in Your Business?

  • A key person is anyone who significantly improves the profitability and effective management of your business. For example, a key person is someone who:
  • Has specialist, expert skills vital to success in your industry. 
  • Increases the creditworthiness of the business. 
  • Builds goodwill for the business. 

The Solution

Key Person Insurance from Botswana Life can insure the life of a key employee for the purpose of compensating the business for the loss of income that it would suffer in the event of that employee's death or disability. Policy benefit payment can then be used to absorb disruptions to the business and provide funds to recruit and train a suitable replacement.


  • On the death or disablement of the key person, Botswana Life benefit payment will ensure:
  • An interim cash amount for recruiting, training and/or development of new employees. 
  • The continued existence and development of the business. 
  • That existing/potential contracts are not affected. 
  • That the creditworthiness of the business is not affected.

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