Boikanyo Funeral Plan


Boikanyo Funeral Plan will assist you pay for the immediate costs following the death of a loved one. Many of us have always understood the responsibilities of taking care of the entire family, including the extended family members. Boikanyo allows cover of up to 27 family members.It also has flexible levels of cover, with a minimum of P10,000 and up to a maximum of P400,000 for the principal life assured.It also has the following in-built benefits:

  • Ownership Transferability:  When the main life reaches the age of 50 but before they reach age 65, then ownership of the policy may be transferred to another adult who is covered under the policy with no change in benefits or premiums.
  • Cash back benefit: At the end of every three (3) years, Botswana Life will pay you back 5% of your total premiums that you have paid for the previous three (3) years, provided the policy remains active, even if you have claimed.
  • Premium Escalations: There are options to have the premiums level or escalating at 5% or 10% per annum and the benefits escalating at 60% of the chosen premium escalation.
  • Lapsed policies can be reinstated within a period of 12 months from date of lapse.

The waiver of premium at age 65 allows you to pay an additional premium, and when you reach the age of 65, the premiums on your policy will cease and cover for all lives under the policy will continue for life.

Thuso 992 

Thuso 992 refers to the product that avails the provision of emergency medical services by MRI, from the scene of medical emergency to the nearest health facility. This product is intended to provide Botswana Life policyholders and their families access to medical emergency, evacuation and rescue service throughout Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. The lives taking out this product will be limited to Botswana Citizens, Legal permanent and temporary residents.

The benefits available are as follows:

  • Unlimited Primary Emergency Response to the scene of a medical emergency
  • Ambulance Evacuations to the nearest and most appropriate health facility by road or by air
  • In-hospital monitoring
  • Emergency Transportation of Medical Products
  • Medical Repatriation for patients who have been transferred to an alternative facility outside the country specifically to South Africa.
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains for patients who pass on outside the country.
  • Remote Medical Advice & Information by telephone.
  • Liaison with next of kin.



EA991 offers a comprehensive 24hr emergency medical rescue service that will include emergency medical evacuation cover. This cover will entitle the policyholders and their dependents to the following benefits and services in the SADC Region.

  • Emergency medical response by road or air to scene of medical emergency
  • Transfer of patient to most appropriate medical facility
  • Inter-hospital transfer by air or road, 
  • Emergency telephonic medical advice and information,
  • Transfer of life saving medication/blood to the medical institution where the client is hospitalised,
  • Companionship and/or care of stranded minors,
  • Confidential non-emergency medical information and advice.
  • 10% discount on driver training courses at the Emergency Assist 991 Driving Academy for our members and their registered dependents 
  • 10-30% discount at Taurus Battery for battery purchases
  • 10% at AVIS car rental
  • 45% discount on roadside assistance benefits and services in case of mechanical breakdowns


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