Corporate Social Responsibility Events

Botswana Life is proud of its heritage in Botswana. It will always be a Botswana company, owned by Batswana and managed by Batswana, creating wealth for Batswana. That is why the company also has a strong stance on community development through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme. Some of the major CSI projects that the Company has undertaken, under the banner of BIHL Trust, include a P2,1million investment in the construction of a multi-purpose hall for Gamodubu Child Care Trust; over P600,000 on the construction of a school library for Kuke Primary School; P450, 000 towards post-graduate studies for six (6) beneficiaries of the Thomas Tlou Scholarship in 2013 as well as donation of P1,2million to Maru-a-Pula School’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children programme. These projects are just some of the many implemented under the CSI programme ever since it was put in place. Botswana Life contributes 1% of its profit after tax to BIHL Trust annually, to enable these projects to be undertaken. Since inception of the Trust to 2008, Botswana Life has contributed P11.3million to the Trust to enable its mandate.

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